Wounded Ant

Independent music in Houston, Texas (formerly Nottingham, UK and Calgary, Alberta)

This site covers the work of Paul Thompson and associated projects.  Welcome.

Latest news:

2023-11-27 Rare Manichae performance; new band material growing.
2022-12-07 Many FOE and solo albums completed; new band starting.
2016-11-14 More FOE writing sessions coming up.
2015-09-02 Yet more new Foe and Paul Thompson work; availability on Bandcamp.
2014-10-20 New Foe and Paul Thompson work
2013-12-30 Latest album nears finish; move to the US; further FOE writing sessions planned
2011-11-13 All We Have Are the Wrong Answers and Alone in the Bitter Watches of the Night albums released; much new FOE work completed
2010-01-17 Small Victories album released
2009-09-18 Work restarted on Pacific Highway follow-up
2008-10-22 Paul Thompson album released
2008-02-22 Album delayed
2007-11-12 Further progress on the album
2007-10-20 First track completed for the new album
2007-09-04 Short live performance
2007-08-08 Progress report
2007-04-18 Change of plans
2007-02-19 Tiny update
2007-01-24 Website launched

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